Black Friday Deals. Scam or Misuse? Are they worth your money?

Black Friday Deals. Scam or Misuse? Are they worth your money? When we hear the word Black Friday, some of us think is black history. Then we Google to check the meaning only to find out that all this came about after Thanksgiving, which happened a long time ago but retailers are using this method to sell things to people at slashed discounts.  Are Black Friday deals worth your money or is it a soft way of scamming innocent buyers on deals that never existed in the first place?

Most retailers use the term Black Friday to sell their products. The sad part is that big brands have now been trapped in this kind of unexpected con, but are the deals really worth it, or was it just to get a few old products off the shelf? Here is a quick preview of what really is happening in our society today.

Many people, especially sellers are confusing the term Black Friday. They misuse the term but in reality, they are just making sales out of innocent buyers in the name of Black Friday deals. Are there any deals? Deals that are worth your money? Of course not. It is purely a scam!

Let us go back to history lane. The term Black Friday traditionally marked the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States. Many stores offered highly promoted sales at discounted prices da da da da…

Remember this was then but now all retailers are using this term not only to promote their products but to lure people into buying things that are really not worth your money. Some of these products have been on the shelf for a very long time and Black Friday is just a guise to get these products on sale. Products can be rebranded and sold. This is a fact.

One thing to note is that the term Black Friday is being adopted by many countries around the world especially those who sell or own shops online just to keep up with the American retailers. The problem is, not all countries have tough laws on the type and kind of products infiltrating the market like the US. Some countries misuse this day to sell counterfeit products to poor customers who could be tourists in the name of Black Friday.

The funny part is, every Friday is Black Friday for some retailers! Can we condemn such retailers? Of course, we can’t. But this is what you can do.

-Never buy products anywhere around the country online or physically in the name of Black Friday deals. Just buy if you want the product but do not be lured into thinking there is something special about that product simply because it is a part of Black Friday deals.

-Know why Black Friday is called Black Friday. It doesn’t mean that you have to shop. Shop if your intention was to shop.

-Know the myths and facts about Black Friday. Things like what Black Friday means. It is not a day to shop. The sellers are using this to their advantage and one advantage is, they are making money out of you! Be informed so that you do not get lured into crazy deals wasting your money on invaluable items in the name of Black Friday.

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 So, Are Black Friday Deals Worth it or Not?

Personally, since I know what it really means, I do not get affected by the number of deals I see most Fridays when perusing the web. I get amused but not to the point of spending my money. One simple rule. Shop if you want to. What you should know is that just because whatever you are buying is part of black Friday deals it doesn’t mean that the product is perfect, safe, or original. Just be careful.