5 Shocking Reasons Why Your Employees Are Not Performing Well

As an employer, your business can never grow if your employees stop being good performers. Most of us have businesses and the sad fact is that we have no good relations with the people who work for us. We pay them yes, every month but that’s it. We have no idea what they are going through to make it to work and maybe they are not happy or worse you are too harsh making it hard for them to express their emotions and love towards your company. If you want to understand why your employees are not performing well, keep reading.

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They are overworked

Exhausted, sad employees are worse than just having a bunch of people working for you. Your company could be growing but your employees carry the weight of your growth. They are the ones running up and down making sure that your customers never miss an attendant whenever they ask for one. They have to keep everything running but do you have the proper systems in place to regulate every employee’s time and duration at every station?

Sometimes take a break and ask yourself, do you hire more employees when you sense growth or just keep overworking the ones you already have? These are very crucial issues every employer should keep in mind. Sometimes it’s not about just the growth of the company that should concern you, but also the welfare of your employees.

 They Lack motivation

Motivated employees are way more productive than bored workers who struggle to keep their heads high. Literally, what keeps them in your company is the paycheck. As an employer, you should never allow your employees to reach this point where they do not care about the company anymore. Motivation comes from allowing your employees to have their own ideas heard through systems that allow for self-expression and creativity.

This allows for fresh ideas that could skyrocket your business. Also, adding wellness programs to your company to deal with physical health and mental stability could improve productivity and boost motivation. In short, employees need to feel at home and loved in your company more than anything.

You micro-manage your employees

When you micro-manage your employees, you underestimate their ability to work for you. You make them feel useless in the company. You make them lose morale. As an employer, it is okay to want things done the way you want all the time, but it is also very much okay to let them be. Let them show you why they came to your company in the first place. Be there, not to take their job but to guide, direct, and give orders diligently. Be a leader and do not underestimate their abilities to help you grow your business.

They can’t stand you

If you are that kind of a boss who makes employees feel miserable whenever you are around, you are damaging the company. You are destroying your company’s reputation and could affect the growth of your company.  Giving numerous orders, shouting at the top of your voice, and clearly showing disapproval and displeasure every time an employee does something wrong are key culprits that make some employees hate their bosses.

It is okay to be harsh, you are the boss and you have the right to do so but do it in a way that is not demeaning to an employee. Do not damage their self-esteem and worth simply because you are mad. Handle issues with gentleness and maturity and they will respect you.

Their paycheck isn’t exciting

All employees work for money. All employers must know this. They show up every day to your company because of what they get out of their effort. So, giving them peanuts will shut down their morale and they will respond by being sluggish and tired. Ever heard of the saying, ‘no money no job?’ This could happen to your company. Before you hire an employee, make sure you have a clear understanding of what they will be paid before allowing them to work for you.

The problem with some employers is that they make ‘promises’ when hiring. When you promise more pay, your employee will come to work because of the ‘promise’, and when the promises of better pay do not come through, they lose morale. Simply set your ground rules on day one. This way, complaints will be shut off.