How to Deal with Stress. 2 Best Solutions

How to Deal with Stress: Stress is not an illness, but it is an emotion. Many people suffer from this kind of emotion. Though it is not an illness, too much stress can disrupt your daily life a reason why dealing with stress early on is better not just for management but for your physical and emotional health. Stress is a major cause of depression but everybody needs to know that stress is part of life and humans were built to overcome this specific type of emotion.
We can overcome this emotion with simple tips that anyone can adopt anytime to be free from this burdensome emotion.
One thing to note is that our brains can handle this emotion and no medication can control an emotion. People take antidepressants to kill or manage stress but some emotions like stress which is similar to crying can only be controlled by your thoughts and actions. Choose to let go of stress in your brain and the faster you do this, the easier you can be able to manage stress. Here are fast and easy ways of stress management.

1. Take a notebook and write down what is stressing you.

This way you will automatically transfer all the feelings and sad emotions onto a piece of paper. The goal is to let our brain know that this emotion is not allowed to take charge in our system. It is like releasing our brains from stress.
Once this is done, note that you are now not dealing with an emotion, but you are dealing with a problem on a piece of paper. 

2. Tick off/Let go of what is beyond your control


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Every problem has a solution but some problems need space or time to heal. Do not stress yourself dealing with a problem that is beyond your ability. If anything is not within your ability to solve or correct, just let go. The quicker you learn to do this, the less problems you will have in real life.
Just deal with the problems that you can have solutions for. 

Things you should never do.

1. Never harbor these feelings within you for a long time

Stress is mental and anything that affects your brain can have a negative impact on your physical well-being. The more you grieve over a situation, the more damage it has on your social life, psychological life and physical life. The earlier you solve problems and let go, the quicker you recover and move to something else. 

2.Never talk to too many people about your problems before assessing them by yourself.

You have to understand that people are different. Sometimes, you never know how other people will react to your suffering. The pain of someone else mocking your pain or problems can be too much to handle than the stressful situation itself. So it is better to really choose whom to tell and whom not to. Problems are normal life situations but how you choose to solve matters more than anything. Try to allow your brain to solve your problems before you entrust them to someone else’s brain. How you think is not how other people think and what you know is not what other people know. Sometimes, some situations are better solved by you because you know the problem better and understand the severity of the situation better than anyone else!

3. Avoid overthinking.

No matter the situation, choose to be calm and composed. No situation is permanent. Nothing remains unsolvable. Even emotions die out within days or a few weeks. Give yourself time to heal, take a break and allow forgiveness within your heart. Sometimes, it is easier to let go and forgive yourself and what hurt you than carrying the burden by yourself. Do not burden your heart and brain with overthinking, let go and give yourself space and time to think, plan and act in a way that is not hurtful to anyone else and to you. Be careful and wise.


4. Think through issues before throwing in the towel

Before you give up, try. Try everything. Try to solve the problem. Problems solved are better than emotions held within waiting for time to explode. Do not give up without trying to solve any problem.

It is better to fight than let go and live with the pain. Pain dealt with is more fulfilling than a problem in waiting. Before you say its over, try to solve all solvable disputes before it is too late.